With Sundaram and Imran with a total of 40 years experience backing our portfolio of projects, AuroSpaces, begun in 2019 is into multiple things:

  1. IT consulting, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce and website creation and content writing services. We also can train students and freshers.
  2. Creating networks for NGOs and Educational Institutions, helping with education programs and material and crowdfunding. Rani and Murali co-ordinate this vertical.
  3. We have also healing and parenting series of programs, backed by several individuals and institutions.
  4. We are webmasters for ventures such as spanda.org, yieldmore.org and buildindiagroup.org and our own freemasons.in.
  5. We are planning to soon help redefine the way we think work and health with Evolving Landscapes, Evolving Sunlight and Magique 5.
  6. Bringing interesting products and training to the market and are tech partners for ventures such as Lazy Diner.
  7. Conceptualising ideas like Joyland etc and working for the better good.

Some of our team consults part time and many of our projects are an investment of time in worthy charitable ventures.

We’re young, talented, seasoned and all of our team as individuals have a track record of getting things done. To see Imran’s profile, head over to cselian.com.