Answer these and send us by email to with a link to where you have posted it. We could also do a hangouts video interview.

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  1. What does your company do, how old and how big is it
  2. What are the challenges you face
  3. What sort of people do you look for (demographics)
  4. Whats your most successful team or department
  5. Which areas need the most improvement
  6. What is the secret of your success
  7. How much time do you spend on employee motivation. What do you think would motivate them more?
  8. What services would you outsource
  9. What are your training requirements in a year, do you internally perform all of them
  10. Do you have a forum, knowledge base or professional development program
  11. What value does your service, platform or product offer society
  12. How committed are you to your employees welfare, please elaborate
  13. Do you have a active CSR program? Do you want one or to expand yours? How would you make it more effective?
  14. What sort of employee engagement programs would you like to have.
  15. If someone could show you how to make a corporate counselling desk, staffed internally would you be interested
  16. Are you aware of the 8 facets of wellness and do you want your employees to be part of a holistic improvement program
  17. Do you have recreation centres? Are you open to them taking power naps?
  18. Do you let them browse non work websites at work?
  19. How many hours do you expect them to be productive? Do you overwork them?
  20. Do you have day care? How often do you invite their families to get togethers?
  21. Do you encourage them to have healthy work life balance?
  22. Do you remind them of their commitment to environment? Would you help promote a waste segregation campaign? Can you have collection bins for paper and electronic waste for recycling?
  23. Do you conduct workshops in nearby colleges? Encourage your employees to be visiting faculty there?
  24. Can you host events at your office for employee bonding, programs for family, social welfare etc?
  25. What is your commitment to helping them declutter their lives, disengage from gadgets, support public causes and refuse to get polarized by the media?
  26. Would you have a library and creativity workshops?