The Magician’s Dream

I wrote this in September 2013 when the dreams of yieldmore were exploding and I had just been asked to grow in the mould of the VP Technology at my 3rd company.

In another 100 years or so, the craze to use technology to be well off monetarily has worn off. We have started to use technology to explore the human potential, liberate the life divine. We are no longer driven by fears or greed and have matured in a peaceful harmonious way.

IAN) I may be crazy, but better crazy than hopeless. Besides if the approach is practical enough, why worry the end goal. We all get a little more involvement in work, get better paid, less stressed and have better quality of life. I’d like to show the western world we still know a thing or two about running companies and maximizing gain.
To break the current cycle early and offer employees the chance to grow with as little hindrance and negativism as possible. To become good at identifying and attracting individuals who can bring the most growth to our company. To become good at transforming companies in this fashion to liberate more and more people that way. To help employees develop as individuals and find their right place in the grand scheme of things.

YieldMore in the WorkPlace, Sep 21 2013

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