An article I wrote at my Guru’s ashram on my 35th birthday, this edifice remains my life’s work!

“To thee who has been the material envelope of Our Master. That Master who abides deep in our hearts, whose smile can light up and set at peace a despairing soul, whose very memory can make all the toils and struggles of yester-year seem worth the effort & wash away the seeming cost, whose countenance and temper makes life again worth living.

To She, that incarnate of the 4 Shaktis – who causes the buds and leaves of our heart to blossom and rekindles life in the seeming inertness of it’s Autumn”

Mostly Zest, Gaiety and Courage – to face life on equal footing and to remember always that LIFE is always about the moments we LIVE – not squander on our pettinesses and inability to love completely.

Love completely, with the whole of your soul. Love unto eternity and beyond. Love every last spec of creation, for the Divinity is latent even in its seemingly inconscient movements!

Nearly 10 years since I rallied around the cry BUILD – build what?

A new UTOPIA? Why not? But how? – LOVINGLY, one brick, tile, pillar and beam at a time.

The many ventures we enjoin, causes we espouse.

DARE I BUILD? The answer, from the deeps inside – YES!

BOOM!, As I walked away, I knew the future lay uncertain, though won, going by the Charter of 2015, and a simple man’s words:


So touch me GOD, today and forever more!